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2023 8YO Bracket

2023 8YO Tournament Info

2023 Newark National Little League

8 Year Old Tournament 

Tournament Director

Nick Perry -  [email protected]
Drew Cantoni - [email protected]

Participating Teams:

Newark National
Pike Creek
Newark American
New Castle

Tournament Information

Please remember that NNLL will have the concession stand open for business during the tournament so make sure to stop by and check out what’s available. Cash only. We will also be supplying each player with an ice pop after each game.

Feel free to bring chairs and blankets to the complex. Each field has two sets of bleachers also.      

There is NO SMOKING in the complex. We ask that anyone who smokes please go to the edge of the parking lot or out on the sidewalk on Brownleaf Road. Please dispose of any used cigarettes or cigars appropriately by removing the burning end and throwing the filter in the trash.

We ask that you try to refrain from bringing pets to the fields. If any pets are brought they must be leashed at all times and they are not to use the fields or complex as their bathroom.

2023 8 Year Old All-Star Tournament Rules

● Pitching machine will be set to 40mph and will be set up with a leg positioned in front of and against the pitching rubber to provide stability and more accurately to mimic where a live pitcher would release the ball.
● 1 manager and 3 coaches allowed for each team and must remain in the dugout during play.
● Coaches of the Offensive team will feed the machine for their team. It will be the responsibility of that coach to also protect the defensive players from coming into contact with the pitching machine. 1 coach must remain in the dugout with players.
● Each team will be allowed four warm up pitches from the pitching machine between innings. At this time, any adjustments that may be needed to the pitching machine should be made.
● At least 1 Umpire will be provided for the game. We will try and have 2.

Field Layout
● The team who is listed on the top part of the bracket will occupy the first base dugout and warm up in the field first.
● The team who is listed on the bottom part of the bracket will occupy the third base dugout and take batting practice at the cages first.
● A coin flip prior to each game will determine the home and visiting team. Bottom line team makes the coin toss call.
● Both teams are responsible to ensure that their dugouts and bleacher areas are left in a presentable fashion (All trash cleaned up and equipment removed).
● Each team will be allowed to use one batting tunnel and one soft toss cage for 15 minutes starting 45 minutes before their game start time.
● The final 10 minutes before start time is reserved for announcement of teams, National Anthem, LL Pledge etc… ● No infield will be conducted by any team during this tournament.
● All warmups will take place on each teams respected dugout side in the outfield.

Player Roster
● Roster size can range between 11 and 14 players. All exceptions approved by NNLL.
● Each team will field 9 players defensively during a game.
● A roster of 11 or less must play all players a minimum of 3 innings in the field (does not matter where they play in the field). While a roster of 12 or more may only play each player a minimum of 2 innings in the field.

● A continuous batting order will be used for all games.
● Batting helmets must be used at bat, on deck, and when running bases.
● Bats are not to be swung outside of the fenced-in area or in the dugout.
● No bunting – At no time may a batter show bunt. The batter will be declared out if shown.
● While the pitching machine is used, a batter will receive a maximum of 5 pitches. If a player fouls off the 5th pitch, the at-bat will continue. The batter must swing at all pitches after the 5th pitch and is out if no contact is made or if there is no swing by the batter.
● If three swings are made and on the third one there is no contact, the batter is out.
● If a batter has 2 strikes and on the 3rd swing, the ball is foul tipped and caught by the catcher, the batter will be declared out.
● If the batted ball hits the pitching machine (or equipment), the play is immediately dead and a single base will be awarded to the batter. Should first base be occupied at the time, that runner is pushed to the next base. (i.e. If 1st is occupied, that runner advances to second; If first and second are occupied, they both advance one base as they are forced by the batter. Likewise, if there are runners at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd they each advance one base in order to accommodate the batter.) If there is not a runner at first base when this occurs the batter is awarded first base and any/all other runners must remain at the base they occupied prior to the ball being put in play and hitting the machine. (i.e. Runner at third base when the batter hits the ball striking the machine. Play is dead and the batter is awarded first base. The runner at third must remain at third base as they were not forced home.) Fielding ● Catchers must have on full gear every time they are behind the plate including a throat guard.
● No infield fly rule; No dropped 3rd strike (batter is out when 3rd strike is uncaught by catcher)
● Pitchers must remain within the designated area (painted/chalked circle) at the time of the pitch. That area will be marked on the field prior to the game. It will be adjacent to the pitcher’s mound on the 1st base side and 3rd base side or around the machine on the Rookie field. The pitcher must stay within the designated area until the ball is in play.
● A thrown ball which hits the pitching machine during play will automatically end the play and be ruled a dead ball. A batter going from home to 1st will be awarded first base automatically. Any additional runners are therefore pushed to the next base (forced). If first base is unoccupied at the time, no other runners are permitted to advance. (i.e. Batter hits the ball to third. There are runners at second and third. 3B throws the ball, which hits the machine. The play is dead. The batter is awarded first base, the other two runners must remain at second and third. If there are runners at first and second at the time the ball hits the machine, they get pushed to second and third and the batter is awarded first. Should a thrown ball hit the machine after the batter has already reached first base, the play is dead and no runners are permitted to advance.

Running the bases
● Direct stealing is not allowed. A play is considered dead on a cleanly caught ball as well as during the throw back to the pitcher.
● Runners can only advance on batted baseballs or on the uncaught ball rule by the catcher. (SEE NEXT BULLET POINT). Catcher back to pitcher overthrows do not constitute advancement of bases or the rule of an uncaught ball. Also, SEE SPORTSMANSHIP below.
● Runners are limited to two (2) total base advance ‘attempts’ per team, per inning on unbatted or uncaught baseballs. An attempt counts if a runner is thrown out trying to advance a base on a ball not caught cleanly by the catcher. Runners at 1st and 2nd advancing on a uncaught ball counts as their 2 advancements per half inning. If the defense makes an attempt to throw out a runner on an advancement and overthrows a base, the team batting is still only limited to their 2 advancements per half inning and may not advance on an overthrow.
● Once a batted ball returns to the infield, back to the pitcher with possession, inside the grass part of the infield or around the designated area marked around the machine on the Rookie field, all runners must stop at the base they’re currently heading to. At this time, the umpire will consider the play dead and all runners can no longer advance. This is a judgement call from the umpire(s) and is not to be disputed.
● On a batted ball, the defense may throw to bases at their own risk. If there is an overthrow, the runners may continue to advance until the ball is returned to the pitcher.
● Only one un-batted run may be scored per half inning. 1 of your 2 advancements per half inning must be available in this instance.
● A courtesy runner may be used for only the ‘catcher of record’ when there are 2 outs in an inning. The player being ran for must have just played the position of catcher and is to play then play the position of catcher the following half inning on defense. This rule is meant to speed up the game and not intended to get an advantage on the bases. The substitute runner must be the last batted out.
● 7.14 substitutions for runners are not allowed.

● A regulation game is 6 innings. A 7th inning will resume and so on until a winner is declared.
● No special extra inning rules. Game resumes as normal until a winner is declared.
● There will be mercy rules enforced. 15 run lead after 3 innings played and 10 run lead after 4 and 8 runs after 5 innings played.
● Maximum of 5 runs allowed to be scored per inning, except for the 6th inning where there is no limit to the amount of runs that can be scored.

● Players, coaches and team spectators will act in a sportsmanlike manner during games. Taunting or belittling an opposing team in any situation is not to be tolerated. Violation of this rule will result in a warning or ejection of the player(s), coach(s) and/or spectator(s).
● Coaches are responsible for conduct of his/her team’s parents. Unsportsmanlike behavior by parents will not be tolerated. Coaches should handle the situation in a timely manner.
● Players, coaches and team spectators will act in a sportsmanlike manner toward the umpires. Arguing of calls will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule will result in a warning or expulsion of the player(s), coach(s) and/or spectator(s).
● Baseballs jammed into the machine in order to force a ball into the dirt is strictly prohibited. If this occurs, all baserunners will remain at their base occupied before the pitch, the batter will receive a strike and the manager will be subject to a warning. If it occurs a second time, the batter will automatically be out and the manager will be ejected from the game. Just as being ejected by an umpire, the manager will be also subject to miss their next scheduled game.
● NNLL has a zero tolerance policy regarding the above violations. NNLL reserves the right to have any players, coaches, managers, parents, etc. removed from the complex immediately should there be any situation that rises to this level. It is expected that every team, including NNLL, will demonstrate good sportsmanship and fair play throughout the course of the tournament. Any and all infractions or detrimental situations should be brought to the attention of the Tournament Director(s) immediately so that it can be addressed and rectified.
● NNLL requests that this section be presented to each team’s manager. They can then distribute to their league’s coaches and parents for full transparency.

Tournament Director

Rob McConaghy 
(914) 806-2972 / [email protected]

Tournament Director

Rob McConaghy 
(914) 806-2972 / [email protected]

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